E-commerce Web Development

Supercharge your online business with our user-friendly e-commerce website development services. We specialize in WordPress + WooCommerce, Laravel, and custom-made solutions to create unique platforms that drive business growth. Elevate your online presence today!

WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Erply, Laravel, Montonio etc.

E-commerce { starter }

Ideal for a start-up or mid-sized e-shop where quality is valued, but where the budget is not yet stretching to a custom solution.

E-commerce { PRO }

Large custom-built e-stores with tens of thousands of products, where warehouse management and other business software integrations are essential.


Fixed seating events, events with seating plans, outdoor events and seminars.

What makes us different?

We set up Cumer to deliver the best quality and to be an online partner you can rely on. Our goal is not to design thousands of 500€ websites, but to offer a complete solution.
Cumer's Website Protocol
  • Every project starts with an in-depth analysis to map out your needs and find the best solution depending on the possibilities.
  • Based on this information, we will help you build a strategy and propose solutions to help you achieve these goals.
  • All this results in a professional, elegant and representative brand identity that supports the development of the company!Supporting growth!

Interfacing an existing website with different programs

Various API interfaces allow you to automate the management, accounting or warehouse management of your e-shop or website, collect information about user behaviour and use this information to optimise advertising campaigns or improve the user experience.

WordPress, Montonio, Mailchimp, Directo, GA, Prestashop, Dropbox, Magento, PixelYourSite

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